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Privacy agreement

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The governing language of this Agreement shall be Japanese. If a translation hereof is made for reference purposes, only the Japanese original shall have the effect of a agreement and such translation shall have no effect.

We make an effort to protect a privacy of Customers, as below.

Purpose of use:
To respond to customers.

Provision to a third party:
We will not disclose or provide privacy information provided by customers to third parties without express prior consent, except as otherwise required by law.

The use of personal information may be entrusted to third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In this case, we select these third parties by verifying the implementation of a sufficient security level for handling personal information and supervises such third parties exercise the required appropriate operations through contracts.

Arbitrariness upon providing personal information
It is a voluntary that customers provide their personal information to us, and possible results in case that we may not reply or provide our services for the customer.

Request for disclosure
We will comply with requests from customers for disclosure, amendment, addition or deletion and erasing of the content of their personal information. For more details, Please contact below or see our privacy policy.

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